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Untangling a web – and the thread didn’t break


the alienation experience

Sir Walter Scott

“Oh what a tangled web we weave …” penned Walter Scott in 1808 about Lord Marmion’s love-life. But he could have typed it in 2008 about the worldwide web and its promiscuous off-spring: social media. That’s a ‘tangled web’ too. With everyone free to be fake to the world online, Scott’s complete stanza still works well: ‘… when first we practice to deceive.’

Yet the threads of discussion on social media can spin gold as well. This blog is to celebrate some untangling of another web: the worst post-separation family troubles. In the real world, not just the virtual one. That’s layers more of tangled webs. In that tangle, discord breaks any thread of discussion sharp and short in real and virtual worlds. The words stay online forever. Rarely, a casual Tweet gets dug up and used to damn the writer years later. But usually the floods of…

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